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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  July 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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let's get a look at weather and traffic. here's roberta gonzales good morning. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's check the conditions outside. a look at the bay bridge. the right side is all lit up. couple of days ago it wasn't. >> so now it's all lit up and beautiful gorgeous and looks like a nice day out there so far. >> it is going to be a nice day and it's hard to believe in livermore. last year at this time we had 13 days of temperatures in the 90s or higher. so far we have only 3. but today is going to be the fourth and tomorrow will be the fifth. good morning, everybody. stepping out, wow! it is not official sun-up yet but it's brightening up east of the bay. temperatures right now 61 in livermore. mid-50s san francisco. redwood city cool to $5. 53 in santa rosa. here's what you need to know about your thursday. our numbers well above average
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in many neighborhoods. redwood city 93 degrees. 90 campbell. good morning, san jose. your high temperature is at least 8 degrees above average. triple digits to be noted in danville, pleasanton, approaching 100 in livermore. now somebody's backyard in brentwood will top off over 100 and 98 in fairfield. a variable wind today to 15 miles per hour in stinson beach. topping off at 67. otherwise through the 70s to the 80s in kentfield. 90 in sonoma and in napa. and in the far reaches triple digits in clearlake. relief and when we should all expect it. that's coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. >> let's jump to the roads now and take a look at conditions on 580. this is a live look as you head over towards the dublin interchange. headlights working their way toward 680. right now we have some extra volume a lot of folks making that trek but speeds looking okay. 15 minutes from the altamont pass to 680. east of there you have some slow conditions out of tracy connecting from 205 to 580. stays slow to greenville, 12
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minutes from 205 to the altamont pass. 101 south bay northbound an accident may be on the off-ramp but still some activity there right at hellyer. no delays northbound 101 the main lines of the freeway looking good through there. if you are going south of there, north or south 101 between monterey and 85, that's a 21-minute ride with no delays in the commute direction heading into morgan hill. in fact, that's the story for most of the south bay this morning. nice on 280 as well as guadalupe parkway. and the golden gate bridge so far, so good. no delays out of marin county. two men are expected in court today in connection with an armed robbery outside a bank in sonoma county. kpix 5's lisa chan is live in the newsroom with new details on the fatal plot reporter: good morning. the two suspects face attempted murder, robbery and conspiracy charges. the violent crime happened tuesday outside the chase bank at the safeway lakewood shopping center in east windsor. 23-year-old ivan morals of lake county and 34-year-old serge
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gutsu of sacramento county are brazen criminals. they believe it started sunday night when a young man was held at gunpoint while playing "pokemon go" in a local park. this happened in. a similar green and silver car carrying two masked men pulled up behind a armored car in a shopping center full of people. one man fired an assault rifle and took bags of cash from the injured guard. they took off and hundreds of law enforcement searched for them. >> a little after 2:00 we started hearing all the helicopters and they said shelter in place from the manager. we watched it on tv through your station to see what was happening. >> reporter: the "pressdemocrat" is reporting the wounded loomis guard is 55. he is in the hospital in critical condition. police eventually tracked the suspects down in calistoga.
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when the calistoga officer pulled up behind them, one of the suspects started shooting at the officer. so the officer rammed him with his police car. morales fled on foot which started a manhunt in the area for four hours. both suspects were eventually captured and interviewed by sonoma county sheriff's detectives. they are being held without bail and are scheduled to be in court this afternoon. live in the newsroom, lisa chan, kpix 5. in fresno emotion are still running high in the wake of a the shooting of an unarmed 19- year-old by police. yesterday fresno's police chief released body camera film. he made threatening gestures toward them. here's the footage. it's graphic. >> get your [ censored ] on the ground, fresno police department! drop whatever you have in your hand! if you come forward you're going to get shot, man! get down on the ground now! [ censored ] >> firing >> in the freeze frame you can
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see noble's hand behind his back on the left side of the screen. two more shots were fired after noble fell to the ground. officers say that he once again refused to comply with their commands. >> dude, get your hands out! get your hands out! due, if you reach one more time, you will get shot again. stop! dude! [ gunfire ] >> just hours after the body camera video was released, protestors took to the streets. the district attorney is still reviewing the case to decide whether the officers should face charges. new this morning, a week after the dallas sniper attacks, the pentagon is now investigating why the shooter received an honorable discharge from the army even though he was accused of sexually harassing a fellow soldier. micah johnson served in the army reserves for six years before the july 7 attack that
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killed five dallas police officers. his military appointed lawyer said he had prepared documents for a, quote, other than honorable exit. but he says he never got the final paperwork on how johnson's case was resolved. the lawyer says he is now under orders from the army not to speak about the case. the same day dallas buried three members of its police department, relatives of slain dallas officer patricio xamarripa met face to face with mcmillan. her son's father is alton sterling, who died last week at the hands of police. and in the aftermath of all the violence, the relatives of the victims are finding common ground in their pain. >> [ indiscernible >> president obama hosted a meeting on community policing and criminal justice. he says the nation is making
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progress. we need more work. an aging shopping center in san jose may soon get a boost from "hustler" magazine. larry flint is interested in opening a "hustler hollywood" retail store in the business circle center at san carlos street at bascom avenue. the building is a former bank of the west branch which has been closed for some time. the hustler stores are known for selling sexy underwear and sex toys and accessories. neighbors don't want it. >> they are going to run us away from this place. we have to cancel our lease go someplace because i'm definitely sure -- >> personally it will probably help his business. >> just across bascom the pink poodle strip club and an adult bookstore have been in business for decades. volkswagen can't seem to shake its emissions scandal. the company's settlement has just been rejected. the california air resources board just turned down vw's proposal to recall its 3.0-
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liter engine cars saying that the plan is inadequate and deficient. last september hundreds of thousands of customers learned their cars had software that cheats emissions tests lowering the value of their vehicles. >> the way that i think about this case is that in essence, vw cheated on the test and they got caught. and essentially what they were doing every day is flunking california's high standards every day and again they got caught. >> the german automaker has agreed to spend up to $15.3 billion to settle consumer lawsuits and government allegations that its diesel cars cheated on u.s. emissions tests. bay area commuters along the busy freeway will notice new electronic signs designed to help keep traffic moving. interstate 80 from the carquinez bridge to the bay bridge is getting a makeover called the intelligent transportation system. the signs will tell drivers ahead of time which lanes are
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open or shut down because of accidents or roadwork and tell speeds. they are being used in two other spots in the country. caltrans says they can cut down on accidents. >> a smartphone does what you're talking about. >> yes. >> traveler information that you get on your cell phone is also another element of this project. eventually, we are going to have similar type of information that motorists are used to seeing on their cell phones. >> the cost of the project $79 million. dozens of students are thrilled to be learning over their summer break. we'll show you the "cool camp" that's taking them to new heights. >> many of us feel amazon's two- day shipping is too long to wait for a package. next, meet the man who got a special gift 26 years after it was sent. >> hello, good morning from the kpix 5 weather center where the heat is on. now the weather alert you need to know about. >> and we'll get a live look at our bay area bridges.
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first off right now looks like we're okay on the bay bridge. the golden gate san mateo coming up. ,,,, (upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health.
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we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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them at aviation camp. drones are popular and this summer kids have the chance to learn all about them at the aviation camp. and all while learning about other aircraft. this week's "cool camp" is at
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the hiller aviation museum reporter: more than 1500 kids walk to the hiller aviation museum for its summer camp. 50 different aircraft are on display, some dating back to 1869. >> you remember i was telling you about the air speed right here? >> reporter: while the campers are surrounded by all this history, they are learning about modern innovations as well, including the most popular, drones. >> it's like a videogame where you, like, play and this is the throttle where you go up and down and you can move left or right or upward or down. >> reporter: the campers first learn on a simulator. then it's time to step into the new safety netted drone-plex and try flying. it takes time and a few crashes. but they get the hang of it. >> drones are fun. and you can do all of them. you can go up really high and can go down. >> reporter: the camp covers other areas of aviation from drones to airplanes to space.
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>> the kids, really want them to get an idea of how the work and the excitement of the cool things possible with science and engineering in the aerospace realm. >> going to fly runway heading for one minute. >> reporter: in the flight lab, they are learning about meteorology and determining the best flight paths. >> i like it because it's really fun. you have nice teacher. you have nice people here. you get to meet new people and learn new things. >> reporter: lunch breaks are even cool here as kids go out to the runways to watch the small planes take off. these campers could be future pilots, designers or programmers, a glimpse of the future, while surrounded by the past. >> such a "cool camp." these kids have a lot of fun. it's a week-long and there are openings for the rest of the summer so anyone who wants to sign up, not to mention, um, they do have some adult camps. >> do they? >> whoo!
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>> you can go in and learn. >> i'm happy for the kids but i'm kind of jealous because back when i was a kid, i was just going to summer school reading books and studying math and not checking out drones and airplanes taking off. >> it's cool. >> what's cool about your summer camp? email your nomination to, and we may come and feature your camp on the show. let's check in with gianna and see what kind of aircraft -- no aircraft on the roads. right? >> thankfully! >> i know. >> but our radio partner kcbs does often fly the aircraft above the roads. no troubles this morning. mass transit "spare the air" day as roberta has mentioned so it's a great day to use mass transit. systemwide on time. there are changes for maintenance to some ferries so make sure you check the schedule before you head out the door. there may be some cancellations so bus bridges could be in
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place again check the schedule. southbound 101 out of marin. this is a nice shot of the golden gate bridge with no troubles from the richmond/san rafael bridge as you head south of there over into san francisco. 15-minute drive time making that portion of the roadway there. cars in the cash lanes cleared out quickly. no troubles as you head out of oakland into san francisco. no problem to the toll plaza and no delays across the span. early-morning roadwork is wrapped up not seeing any delays. it's been about a 16-minute ride holding steady there 238 to the maze northbound 880. no delays at the san mateo bridge. speeds around 60, 65 miles per hour on the southbound side of the nimitz. and connecting on to the san mateo bridge right now traffic is very light no troubles at the toll plaza and you're clear all the way out of hayward into
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foster city. northbound 101, 19 minutes to san francisco no delays passing sfo. >> it will be hot today. didn't that camp that michelle features sound just like my kind of camp? >> yes. >> flying drones. i just was learning how to fly kites in camp. all right. good morning. not a good breeze to fly a kite. greg welch with the best assignment in the world taking a picture of the skyline of san francisco under clear skies and you can hear the bay waters there where later today a small craft advisory is in place as winds increase to 20 to 25 knots. some of the hottest temperatures in the east bay today and the hazy sunshine and therefore we'll have a "spare the air" day in effect for the
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second day. 53 degrees in santa rosa. it's now 61 degrees. san francisco in the mid-50s. high 50s. winds under 10 miles per hour for the most part. sfo striking out at 10:00. nine oakland. a little breeze in the fairfield area otherwise calm in santa rosa. good morning, dave. happy anniversary to you and your best-ie. 26th wedding anniversary today. i wonder how long you've had yeager riding shotgun. napa near 990. a "spare the air" day in effect. napa near 90. thin overcast at the coast. hazy sunshine away from the bay additional warming away from the bay so typical for this time of the year along the coast where you see this stratus working its way up in the salinas valley where we have visibility at three- quarters mile. light onshore flow.
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triple digits in the central valley. 105 fresno. merced, modesto, 83 today south shore where currently it's 41 degrees. 68 pacifica to 98. 30-degree temperature span in fairfield. it will be 100 in brentwood, all the hot spots. seasonal weather in the bay area by the weekend. make it a great thursday. in 2016, it's hard to wait for a text let alone a letter but one former mailman from idaho has more patience than we do. >> marvin was sent a special give the a package that's his mother mailed 26 years ago. >> i got a little package. >> when marvin opened his mailbox on tuesday the package from his mother was such a shock that he accused his own sister of playing a joke on him. it read april 23rd, 1990. inside were pictures of marvin's family from a trip
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that they took to vegas. the gift was bittersweet because marvin's mother died eight years ago. the idaho native still shared the news with a smile. >> as soon as i got the package and realized who it was from and what it was, i emailed, called and facebooked my sister and said what are you doing, what's going on here? he was a mailman for 40 years. he believes the mystery was a mistake. back in the day, mail was sorted by hand in boise and his package probably took a long detour from the conveyor belt. good morning, everybody. do they have "pokemon go" in scotland? round one of the british open is under way at royal troon and wait until you see what the local legend colin montgomerie did on his very first hole coming up. ,,
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he ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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four n-b-a basketball stars espy awards opened on a serious note in los angeles last night. four nba basketball stars renounced violence and condemned racial profiling in response to the high-profile police shootings that rocked the nation this month. as for the awards, the golden state warriors steph curry earned a prize for best record- breaking performance. he broke his own record for most three-pointers in a season. >> we had a great year, got beat by a great team,
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congratulations, you guys. and, um, this is to celebrate -- i'm going to keep shooting threes hopefully make a couple more when it matters most, but, um . good morning, everybody. the british open got under way and just a few hours ago at troon in scotland, quite a homecoming for scotsman colin montgomerie who gets the claret jug for facial expression. he is currently a member of troon and learned to play the game on the links style course at the age of 6 pictured here on the right. >> had five or six years of links golf. >> links. >> links golf at 6 years old? >> well you started. >> i started, i mean, yeah. the reason i hit the ball low was because i couldn't hit it high, you know? [ laughter ] >> i wasn't actually very good then, you know. >> so monte had the honorary first shot but he got into
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trouble quick. his bunker on the first attempt eventually had to go sideways because of the horrible lie. he took a double bogey and might have lost the championship right there. okay. we'll have round one highlights and reaction tonight at 6:00 on the british open. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great day. the play of the day from major league soccer, orlando city at the new york red bulls. check out this goal from new york's connor lake. >> sweet looking shot. here's another look. the red bulls won the match 2-0! d of robbing and shooting an indsor will i'm lisa chan live in the newsroom. two men who are suspected of robbing and shooting an armored guard in windsor will appear in court today. more on how the guard is doing coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can save you money by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems.
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points to a much bigger problem in the bay area. me suspect accused necessary smash-and-grab behind bars this morning. why the crime points to a bigger problem in the brauer. >> we're learning more about draymond green's arrest after we get a look at the police report. >> low clouds and fog sweeping in. the effect this will have on your weekend forecast. >> and your morning drive hot spots are in the east bay. good morning, it's thursday, july 14. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. two men are due in court today accused of a bold armed robbery outside a sonoma county bank. lisa chan has more. >> reporter: good morning. right now the two suspects are held without bail on suspicion of attempted murder, robbery
5:30 am
and conspiracy. the violent crime happened tuesday outside the chase bank at the safeway lakewood shopping center in east windsor. 23-year-old ivan morales of lake county and 24-year-old serge gutsu of sacramento county are being described as brazen criminals. authorities believe the crime spree started sunday night when a young man was held at gunpoint while playing "pokemon go" in a local park. this happened in antelope where gutsu lived. an armed man stole keys to his suzuki. a connection hasn't been confirmed. but a similar green and silver suzuki carrying two masked men pulled up behind a armored car in a shopping center full of people. a windsor chase bank at 1:50 p.m. the afternoon. in a shopping room full of people, one man fired an assault rifle and took bags of cash from the injured guard. >> what's the condition of the guard? >> reporter: the guard is 55 years old. the "pressdemocrat" is reporting he remains in the hospital in critical condition.
5:31 am
inland shod through -- he was shot three times with a high- powered rifle. started a manhunt in the area for four hours. both suspects were eventually captured and interviewed by sonoma county sheriff's detectives. morales fled on foot starting a four-hour manhunt. he was captured and both suspects are held without bail. they are being held without bail and are scheduled to be in court this afternoon. live in the newsroom, lisa chan, kpix 5. a fatal shooting in alameda county landed a couple behind bars. it happened yesterday in an area known as cherryland. that's north of hayward. the victim was driving a dodge pickup southbound on meekland avenue. he was shot as he was about to turn on blossom way. >> the suspect was on foot, approached our victim while he was sitting in his vehicle and fired into the vehicle striking him, killing him instantly most
5:32 am
likely and fleeing on foot. >> in addition to the accused gunman, a woman was also arrested. she is suspected of being an accomplice. at this point, there's no indication what the motive may have been. investigators are expected to release more details today. highway 4 in pittsburg may soon be freeway of fly bullets. cameras have started going up along the road. there have been 20 shootings since november some deadly. by monday morning a dozen cameras will be eyeing highway 4. in recent weeks, several east bay mayors have pushed state officials to help pay to install the cameras on the freeways. owe. a smash-and-grab by four suspects, they are accused of bringing their stolen goods to oakland. you can see a honda crv slam into a suburban sacramento gun store and four suspects pile out. one was wearing a sweatshirt saying, oakland usa during the break-in yesterday morning. that helped police track down
5:33 am
the four suspects. a couple hours later on macarthur in east oakland, during the arrests authorities recovered almost all the stolen against. this is part of a trend. >> we have a number of people that have who are making this business. >> 200 guns have been stolen from sacramento and brought to the bay area in the past few months. only a few dozen have been recovered. time now 5:33. >> the ladies in red are back. [ laughter ] >> the heat is on inland where we'll see a little bit of warming but typical summertime weather pattern along the coast and into the bay. look at this. i love this view.
5:34 am
our director says have you checked out transamerica north yet? i said no. you better. so here you go. look at this complex deck of low clouds and fog spilling into the bay now. you can see the marin headlands in the foreground so you can see it is a narrow deck of clouds. temperatures now 50s and 60s. it is 64 degrees and clear skies in san jose. numbers today 48 in san jose but instead 90. we are well above average by 11 degrees in the concord, clayton and walnut creek areas. oakland 6 degrees above average. so 60s with only partial clearing at the beaches 80s and 90s around the peninsula low 90s in morgan hill, mid-90s in gilroy. it's a "spare the air" day. danville 100 degrees, blackhawk, alamo, pleasanton, same. mountain house also discovery bay. 60s and a breeze late day in
5:35 am
stinson beach at 67 degrees. 80s in novato and petaluma then 90s towards sonoma and lakeport 99. clearlake 100 degrees. we need relief. we'll tell you when to expect it coming up. out the door on the road toward the altamont pass this morning, westbound you will have a lot of brake lights lots of company working your way from 205 to greenville. 13, 14 minute drive time there. so sherry conditions speeds down in some spots but improves past there towards the dublin interchange. you have extra volume and okay speed, as roberta said a "spare the air" day. there are 44 trains running on time right now systemwide for bart. no delays on muni or caltrain. also ace trains 1 and 3 are on time, as well. ferries just heads up. check the schedules for the vallejo and san francisco ferries due to maintenance. there will be cancellations
5:36 am
possible, bus bridges would be in place. metering lights, backed up to the foot of the maze at the bay bridge, no big delays. carquinez bridge to the maze give yourself 19 minutes to go westbound 80 and if you are taking 580 westbound, it's a little slow approaching the maze. northbound 880 looks good. that is your best approach to the bay bridge. san mateo bridge no troubles. typically we don't see delays until after 7:00. so right now things are quiet as you head between hayward and foster city. we have an accident in the south bay. more on that coming up in a few minutes. here's michelle. >> gianna, thank you. the michigan incident that led to the ahe is are of the warriors draymond green -- that led to the arrest of warriors draymond green stemmed to a verbal confrontation the day before. michigan state football player jermaine edmundson said green bumped into him and they exchanged words. then they saw each other the next night at a different bar
5:37 am
and draymond allegedly hit the man in the cheek. >> i think when things happen, i think you meet them head on. it will be resolved quickly with my legal time. as a public figure, i just can't put myself in certain situations. >> last night, michigan state university announced edmondson is leaving the football team to play elsewhere. the news release said edmondson wanted more playing time. now to the latest on the race for the white house. the republican national convention in cleveland is next week. today a party rules committee is expected to vote on whether convention delegates should be allowed to vote any way they want to even if they originally committed to donald trump. the presumptive republican nominee plans to unveil his choice of a run mate tomorrow. he narrowed his short list to two people. >> i want to pick somebody who is solid, who is smart. i'm not looking for an attack dog. >> former house speaker newt gingrich indicated that the choice might be between him and indiana governor mike pence. as for trump's likely democratic opponent, hillary
5:38 am
clinton will campaign today in virginia with senator tim kaine. he is considered a front-runner for clinton's choice as running mate. the list of top ten worldwide financial threats, before we go global, it's best to know what can unravel us on a small scale. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger tells us how to steer clear of personal financial threats. what are some risks that we need to avoid? >> reporter: i know we all understand this especially after the recession but borrowing too much is a biggie, whether it's for a house or for your child's education, carrying too much debt can prevent you from addressing important financial goals, may also create a pretty big emotional burden. next, not establishing an emergency reserve fund. that's so important because we all know bad things can happen at any time.
5:39 am
we want to save six to 12 months of expenses if you're working, 12 to 24 months if you're retired. no insurance or life coverage is devastating. if you have dependents you want to prepare. in most cases it's very good term life insurance policy will do the job. >> jill, what about retirement? what are some of the big retirement risks? >> reporter: ask any retiree about the biggest mistake they made. i should have started sooner. so as early as possible, you want to contribute to retirement. but you also want to avoid tapping your retirement funds early. i know the irs allows for hardship withdrawals in certain instances. but there are far too many workers leaving their jobs, cashing out their retirement accounts and they are paying a hefty tax or penalty instead of rolling over the funds into another account. other hazards to avoid, how about failing to properly manage your funds? whether it's not rebalancing,
5:40 am
owning too much company stock or using those high cost mutual funds, retirement savers just costing themselves money and we have easy-to-rectify oversights that are really glaring right now. i would say the biggest retirement risk of them all is claiming your social security early. that can permanently reduce your monthly income by as much as 25%. for more on the financial stretch that you can control, go to >> thank you, cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. ♪[ music ] it is 5:40. she was bitten by a snake that could have easily killed her! next, she talked about how she survived despite all the odds stacked against her. >> and before you head out the door, you may want to check back in with us as we take a look at traffic to let you know if there are any hot spots out there when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kpix 5 reporter maria medina is live at the scene near alum rock park. firefighters are getting a handle on a brush fire in san jose. kpix 5's maria medina reports from near alum rock park. >> reporter: you can see firefighters still on scene here. they are waiting for the sun to come up to make sure that this fire is fully out. but let's take a look at video shot just a couple of hours ago. this is what they were dealing with. several agencies responded to this fire including san jose and cal fire. now their concern was that it was going to head toward alum rock park where there are a lot of homes and we're talking about open space here. a lot of dry brush is what they're dealing with. here's what firefighters have to say. it's hot and dry and at night it's extreme fire danger. so be careful with all ignition sources. >> reporter: it was burning on
5:44 am
both sides of the road. in the end it didn't jump the road and it was contained to 10 acres. it's warm but not windy and that's what they were afraid of that the wind would push the flames again to alum rock park into the homes down below. maria medina, kpix 5. >> users are in trouble in the weeks it was released but it helped do some good. two players nabbed a suspect wanted for attempted murder in a park in fullerton. police arrested this man, 39- year-old jacob kells for child annoyance. his background was checked on by police and he was wanted for attempted murder in sonoma. the two retired marines had been playing "pokemon go" in the park when they saw kells
5:45 am
inappropriately touching children. the men stopped kells and called 911. >> he touched one of the boys from his toe walking his way up to the knee. at this point i'm running across the street. another gentleman walking down the street does the same thing. >> police say that kells will be transferred to sonoma for the attempted murder charge. a bay area teenager is talking about her recovery since she was bitten by one of the deadliest snakes in the world. 15-year-old audrey benton is back home in american canyon after spending four weeks in the hospital. she was bitten by a fer-de- lance snake while visiting belize. her recovery includes regaining her speech and motor skills. but audrey says she is just looking forward to competing again in water polo with her high school team. >> i can get back into water and the water polo team, that's my
5:46 am
goal. i'm going to do it. >> benton truly he beat the odds. 90% of people bitten by the same type of snake don't survive. amazing! a growing number of millennials with turning to parents for money. >> people between 21 and 34, one of four of them still depend on parents for money. it's making it difficult for parents. experts say to have a conversation with your adult kids with a date to out can the financial cord. >> we love our children. but it's about doing those things in the interim to set them up for success when you're out of the financial picture. ska set up three accounts, one for major purchases, one for emergencies and one for investing can help them save. >> and get a big boot. >> get out of here!
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>> i have a son sleeping at home now. >> mom, those shirts you watched are shrinking! [ laughter ] >> you better -- >> right! >> awesome. >> yes. >> i'm going to call and let them 2340 how to. i'm going to show him how to use away, machine. >> i told him that when he went to college. he came home. >> the millennials they get a bad rap. as long as you have a plan to get out and then -- >> and encourage them. >> i will say no one does laundry better than your mom. it's true. >> couple of things brewing south 680 at marina at vista reports of a pickup truck overturned on the roof over to the right shoulder. slow-and-go conditions as a result. chp headed to the scene. lanes may be shut down at some point for fire crews to clear this accident. we have
5:48 am
westbound four break lights around hillcrest over to 242. 10 had minutes through there. speeds under 45 miles per hour. looks sluggish to me once you get on 242. let's jump to 101 down in the south bay. northbound at hellyer we have been monitoring this accident. the off-ramp is still shut down. it's slow on the northbound side as you exit to hellyer. use an alternate. things should be wrapped up quickly. word of a vehicle fire along highway 17 this morning. the commute direction at hamilton fire crews on scene. if you are working your way south of there northbound 101, starting to see a few brake lights as you head into morgan hill. a little slow there. once you get past that, though, you are okay all the way to 85. then you're going to see some slow-and-go conditions once again when you approach 280/680 interchange as you travel into sillicon valley. travel a little slow approaching 237. westbound 580 continues to be a
5:49 am
slow ride out of the altamont pass this morning. that's pretty typical for this time of the day. extra volume westbound towards the dublin interchange. no troubles south 680 through the sunol grade and it is a "spare the air" day so use mass transit. 44-plus trains on time for bart systemwide with no delays for muni metro. ace train's one and three are on time this morning. there are some changes for your ferries this week due to maintenance so check the schedules. vallejo ferry i know is affected as well some of the san francisco ferries. the 5:31 leaving this evening. that's the drive. here's the forecast. >> hi there, gianna. our director mike bruce is going to surprise me with a view from the transamerica pyramid. i'll be looking west, wow! thanks, mike! that's gorgeous! you can see the fog trying to get into the city of san francisco. now i'm calling on another view, this is the transamerica -- no, this one is actually sutro tower and this is looking
5:50 am
north. i know that because here's the marin headlands. and because mike bruce corrected me earlier this morning! this deck of low clouds and fog is moving into the bay. full sunshine bayside, partial coastal clearing today. right now temperatures 59 redwood city. 53 degrees santa rosa. otherwise in the 60s. san francisco 55. we're now looking at when you can expect any kind of clearing in san francisco. there you have it early afternoon. boy, it's been warming up very quickly in san francisco. clouds play tag at the coast pretty much all day long and push back onshore and leaves us with a similar start for friday. meanwhile the winds are rushing onshore. westerly flow 8 miles per hour in san francisco. 10 sfo. pretty light east of the bay and that's the problem. we need a good wind to clear out the pollution and because we don't have that, we do have all that pollution being stuck close to the surface all the pollutants and that's east of the bay. hazy sunshine today.
5:51 am
it is a "spare the air" day. now, we will heat up inland. we'll be pretty seasonal along the coast and the bay. otherwise that thin overcast just looks and hangs offshore most of the day. it's now rolling into the salinas valley where we have visibility issues. three-quarters to a half mile visibility at this time. and all this will continue to try to lift and gather and reach the san francisco area again by tonight. very light onshore flow due to a high pressure that's the key component. it's warming the central valley up to 105 in fresno today, 103 in sacramento. we have sun-up at 6:00 this morning. 14 hours and 31 minutes of daylight. beautiful day. get out and enjoy. coastal area 60s. head to san francisco for 70s. triple digits in the warmest areas. seasonal due to a trough north of the bay area. seasonal saturday through
5:52 am
monday. make it a great thursday! time now 5:51. an uber driver's meltdown is caught on camera. why his rider may actually be in the wrong here. buying and selling cars. introducing beepi, the radical new way to buy & sell cars, all online. carefully inspected, guaranteed and delivered right to you. if you never have to step foot on a dealership lot again, neither should they. zero to happy.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. southern california between a driver and a passenger. "get out of my car.. get out" uber is reviewing an incident caught on camera showing a nasty confrontation
5:55 am
in southern california between a driver and passenger.[ screaming ] >> get out of my car! you [ censored ] moron get out! >> the passenger who uploaded the clip to youtube claimed the driver was hostile and refused to take her to the emergency room at the hospital. uber says they were contacted by both the driver and passenger and the driver is now suspended while the company investigates. but one lawyer says the passenger is in the wrong. >> she had no right to videotape him without his permission. she did not seem to be in any distress or experiencing any kind of emergency at all. and she was antagonizing him! >> according to the lawyer, a hired driver has the right to leave a passenger and ask the passenger to leave at a safe location. at&t says it may have a solution to bad cell service at
5:56 am
concert and sporting events. it wants to fly drones overhead to provide additional signal strength. soon people may have the ability to operate drones without a remote control. an arizona state university researcher has discovered how to control robotic drones by using your thoughts. it all starts with a sci-fi type skullcap. electrodes measure brain activity and that gets translaid into movement. so far one operator can control up to 4 drops at a time. the research is funded by an $860,000 grant from the department of defense. i'm lisa chan live in the newsroom. two men suspected of robbing and shooting an armored guard in windsor will appear in court today. we'll tell you what happened and how the guard is doing. >> firefighters battle a blaze in san jose. the details on the firefight coming up next.
5:57 am
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and i'm kenny choi. a pair of suspects is due in co with an armore good morning. it's thursday, july 14. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. a pair of suspects is due in court today in connection with an armored car heist in sonoma county. lisa chan reports. >> reporter: the two suspects face attempted murder, robbery and conspiracy charges. it ham tuesday outside the chase bank outside the shopping center in east win so. 22-year-old ivan morales of lake county and 24-year-old serge gutsu are being described as brazen criminals. authorities say it started sunday night when a man was held at gunpoint while playing "pokemon go" in a local park. this happened in antelope where gutsu lives. an armed man reportedly stole the man's phone, cash and keys to his suzuki. a connection hasn't been confirmed. but a similar car carrying two masked men pulled up behind a loomis truck tuesday outside the windsor chase bank at


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